UW应急管理(UWEM)是一个部门 威斯康辛大学的设施 组织. We provide technical 和 consulting services for the 西雅图 campus 和 act as a liaison to other university locations (Bothell, Tacoma, 威斯康辛大学医学, Friday Harbor, South Lake Union, 等…). 十大彩票平台官网提供个人和团队培训, 协商会议, seminars 和 general orientation materials 和 as they relate to major campus crises, 灾害和重大突发事件.

听取利益相关者的意见, we facilitate the development 和 implementation of local unit/department-based plans, encourage individual preparedness efforts 和 promote programs 和 projects that promote institution-wide disaster resilience. 与十大彩票平台官网的内部和外部合作伙伴一起, we accomplish this through structured planning 和 training, 确定缓解行动, 支持有效应对工作, 和 promotion of sound prevention actions — all with the goal of shortening the impact 和 length of time involved in recovery efforts.

  • Updated Emergency Procedures Posters for the UW-西雅图 Campus


    UWEM最近更新了 十大彩票平台紧急程序海报. 2002年,威斯康辛大学应急管理部门获得一次性拨款 联邦应急管理局 为最初的开发提供资金, 印刷和安装2个以上,000 “Emergency Procedures Posters” on the 西雅图 campus. 在普通教室张贴海报, 礼堂, 实验室和其他公共集会场所. Buildings constructed after 2003 included the costs for these posters in their capital budget. While the information on the 2003 posters is still generally valid, some new information was recommended to refresh the content (i.e. 华盛顿大学警报,紧急事件博客,天气链接等.). UWEM咨询 华盛顿大学是吗&SUWPD 修改后的内容. While central funding to replace the old posters is not available, 任何人都可以查看, download 和/or print these revised posters (both letter & legal size) to post or distribute as many copies of the poster the wish to any member of the campus community. Please note that the online UW Emergency Procedures posters are different for each campus (Bothell, 西雅图, 塔科马港市).  联系 your local safety coordinator if you have questions on a specific poster.

  • 华盛顿大学暂停应急准备委员会(1/6/22)



    有效的1月7日, 2022, all activities 和 meetings of the UW Emergency Readiness Committee have been suspended indefinitely.

    (01/06/22)  Statement from ERC Executive Sponsor, Vice President Lou Cariello:  “我今天要正式宣布...应急准备委员会 会暂停吗.  After today's meeting the intent will be to work on modifying 和 aligning the effort that we take in the ERC to align with the campus safety 组织 that will be redesigned re-imagined in the future."  所有现在和过去的伦理委员会成员都是 正式通知 并感谢他们的服务.  UW senior leadership is expected to charter a new Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC) to assist UW departments 和 units in developing 和 implementing plans that will further enhance the University's overall disaster resilience posture.  Information on the future of the ERC 和 the new EMPC be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.  Background 和 historical information on the ERC can be found 在这里.

  • Business, Academic, 和 十大彩票平台官网连续性 Planning Support 和 Technical Services


    This is to serve notice to continuity plan managers that effective immediately all 巴克 technical assistance 和 support is suspended until further notice.  Please utilize current resources in the 巴克 Teams site 和 our webpage to continue your planning efforts 和 we will inform you when services continue.  We apologize for this inconvenience 和 we look forward to support your efforts in the future. 谢谢你!.

  • 2021年和2022年个人准备课程


    UWEM很高兴地宣布 个人准备课程的年度时间表.  第一次, this will be a virtual offering to accommodate individuals that may be remote, 同时也为与会者提供方便. 华盛顿大学目前不提供转换端旅游. 请电子邮件disaster@uw.Edu今天来注册!

    你是否准备好为你的家人制作一套装备, 都在担心“大地震”, or are trying to better prepare your team to respond to campus after an emergency, personal preparedness is essential to taking care of yourself in any disaster.

    4月转换端之旅及班级UW应急管理提供 免费的 personal preparedness presentations at the Emergency Operations Center each month.  These interactive sessions provide an overview of the university’s disaster response system, 提供UWEM的概述, 和 provides practical tips on how participants can become better prepared at work 和 at home for any disaster – large or small.  除非日期与法定假日冲突, the 转换端/Personal 准备 workshops are always held on the 每个月的第二个星期四,在上午10点到11点之间,通过微软团队.

  • 西雅图有史以来最热的一天(2021年6月28日)


    graphic showing map of Pacific NW 和 extreme heat measurements6月28日, 2021, the third day of a withering heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, 西雅图的气温飙升至108华氏度, 历史记录. The reading is recorded at nearby 西雅图-Tacoma International Airport, which began keeping official records for 西雅图 in November 1948, 和 the 108-degree mark is the city's highest temperature in the 151 years since detailed record-keeping began on February 16, 1870. 这一天西雅图创历史新高, Washington weather stations at the Sol Duc River near Forks 和 the Mayfield Power Plant in Lewis County report 118 degrees, 追平了州历史记录, 等待认证. 西雅图 hits triple digits for the third consecutive day: 102 degrees on June 26, 6月27日,华氏104度, 6月28日为108. The three-day str等h is the first of its kind for the city, which has had only four previous days with 100-degree temperatures.   所有三个主要校区, operating under limited capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 p和emic, experienced only minor problems; however, the University community was reminded of this trend for hotter/drier summers due to global climate change 和 its likely impacts on all university operations (utilities, 空气质量, 水的供应, 十大彩票平台官网影响, 等...)