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Birds Eye Alternative, LLC. Is a Veteran Owned & Operated, Father & Son (with family support!) Partnership and effort to utilize each other’s unique skills and abilities in tandem as we approach a new and growing market demand for sUAS Pilots and their talents.


CB has a legacy of leadership & commitment. Running a multi-million dollar business is no simple task, yet he has been the go-to person serving as President of a private company for 20+ years. This didn’t fall in his lap; he worked from the ground up to secure an education (BA in Business) and from there secure a job that would go on to define his reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable go-to source. This was a key benefit as CB continued working his way to the top.

CB was always seeking new opportunities, while capitalizing on the long-term strength of business bonds and friendships he had created over the years as a leading local businessman, CB was getting fresh businesses modern needs met while maintaining an oath to his loyal customers.

When times were tough, he found a way and maintained overall commitment to the customer to see the company’s core values shine through while still balancing a responsibility to his employees, enter SB…


SB had taken a liking to the idea of configuring computers as a career option and wanted an opportunity to work under the same loyal company as his father. SB was challenged with the task of completing his Comptia A+ certificate.  This allowed him (on behalf of dozens of manufactures & several more certificates) to troubleshoot, repair, and refurbish just about any computer that came his way. When opportunity knocked, SB answered.

He went on to become a reliable source for his technical background and troubleshooting abilities until a major health issue set him back in 2013. Soon after CB retired and spent more time focused on helping SB recover.


To keep it simple, SB’s father helped him recover from cancer. That is not an overnight accomplishment; and now here we are today with the dirt brushed off our shoulders and a tight knit bond of long term accomplishments in a variety of career and Life experiences. In fact both men are Veterans & have proudly served their country in the US Navy.


We are using those moments in the here and now to create the best and most reliable business opportunity for all interested parties in the Greater Chicagoland Area,


We Proudly Present Our Upcoming Forte; Birds Eye Alternative


-SB 29OCT2017

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