What is Birds Eye Alternative?

We are a small business located in the northern Chicagoland area. We specialize in aerial photography and videography for a mutitude of purposes. Utilizing sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) Technology, commonly known as drones, our FAA Licensed Remote Pilot in Command has the abilites to capture digital High Definition Videos & Photos of nearly any structure, jobsite, or landscape up to 400' Above Ground Level (AGL) & within a radius of less than 5 miles (within authorized airspace , see the map below). Our Pilot also has the authority to apply for FAA waivers as needed for jobsites in restricted airspace. We are FAA Licensed & We are Insured. Contact Us now to prepare for your Autumn 2018 project. Supplemental Chart Provided by Airmap.com

Does Birds Eye Alternative Edit Videos & Photos?

Not all businesses edit in-house. At Birds Eye Alternative we have the abilites to provide our clients with professionally edited videos in a variety of HD Formats 720p,1080p, 1080i, etc. Various *.fps (frames per second) as well as YouTube friendly *.MPEG4 & *.MOV files We strive for new business opportunities & are determined to meet our client's wants & needs. Contact Us

How Does it Work?

We will work with your business & site representatives to assess your needs and wants, as well as the safest and best course to complete your project. From there our team will determine what airspace the project is taking place in. Our Pilot will contact parties that need to be notified prior to operations. Once all information is gathered and and a plan laid out, we can then prepare to shoot on an ideal weather-friendly date and time. If needed, we can also repeat the process over the course of a project so a timelapse is available.

What Does it Cost?

Costs vary pending clients needs and amount of time spent on a project. For example, a nice indoor 360 panoramic coupled with an outdoor panoramic shot with our DJI Drones would amount to equipment, maintenance, time spent at site, travel, data storage, editing and final delivery via hard copy or the cloud. Size of the job site is a large factor in pricing, as larger sites require more time on-site, in addition to the back-end processes handled off site. For a specific quote, Contact Us Here.

  • All operations must be done under the Laws & Regulations of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 14, Part 107 unless a FAA waiver has been granted prior to operations.

  • All Pilots at Birds Eye Alternative, LLC are 14CFR Licensed, Certified, & Insured.

Frequently Asked Questions

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